Overcome your writing blocks with obstacle thinking

Identify the bad guys

“in making it harder for us to achieve our goals, bad guys also help us to develop skills and strategies that ultimately maker us smarter, stronger and faster.” Jane McGonigal

The baddies that stop us writing

What stops writers writing:

  1. Work 54%
  2. Negative thinking 37%
  3. Social media 20%
  4. Family 16%
  5. The news 10%
  6. Household chores 9%

Overcoming baddies with WOOP

WOOP — turning wishes into plans

  • W — name a wish that is challenging, but feasible.
  • O — find the very best outcome and visualise it.
  • O — identify your main obstacle and imagine this fully.
  • P — make a plan of how to overcome the obstacle.

How to apply WOOP to writing

  • If I need to do more research, then I’ll make a note on my document instead of going into an internet rabbit hole.
  • When the children need attention, I’ll ask my partner to help while I’m writing.

Multiple strategies

“When a bad guy takes you by surprise, or when multiple bad guys gang up on you at the same time, you’ll be much more agile and flexible in your response. And if one strategy doesn’t work, you’re less likely to give up entirely. You’ll simply pay attention, change your strategy, and keep trying to make progress.” Jane McGonigal

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