Make time to make your ideas happen

4 approaches to making time

  1. The daily doer has a regular routine, often working in the same time and place, to nudge forward their idea.
  2. The scheduler looks ahead a week or two and blocks time into their calendar. They take a realistic and practical approach to planning and getting things done.
  3. The spontaneous hustler grabs any opportunity as it appears, making the most of delayed trains, cancelled meetings and sleeping children.
  4. The binger’s life is chock-full, so instead of a daily or weekly hustle, they binge every month or so on uninterrupted deep work, a progress-making day or days that are as productive as they are rare.

How to make time

  • Fill in days across the top and your normal waking hours down the side.
  • Block out all the times you are already committed to things like work, childcare, exercise.
  • What’s left? Are there any opportunities? If yes, book in some idea time.
  • Not found any time? Reschedule other tasks to free up time. What can you stop doing or delegate? Can you get up earlier, go to work later? This is tough, but you can do it.
  • Commit to your schedule. Book time for your idea like any other appointment, set reminders and when you have a session — don’t get distracted. Try to make the best of what time you have. If you get stuck — start small.

Make time, make progress



Author of How to Have a Happy Hustle, founder Prolifiko writes about innovation, creativity, philosophy, productivity & writing.

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