How long does it take to become a good writer? Deliberate practice for writing

Hours & hours AND years & years of practice

Just put in the hours?

From naïve to deliberate practice

“get outside your comfort zone but do it in a focussed way, with clear goals, a plan for reaching those goals, and a way to monitor your progress. Oh and figure out a way to maintain your motivation.” K. Anders Ericsson

You will need a well-informed coach not only to guide you through deliberate practice but also to help you learn how to coach yourself.” K. Anders Ericsson

Deliberate practice in action

Is it too late to improve?

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.”

How to apply the principles of deliberate practice

  1. Effort: working hard to improve your performance
  2. Drive: the intrinsic motivation to engage in the task
  3. Stretch: practising just beyond your current level of writing ability
  4. Feedback: that provides knowledge of progress and results
  5. Repeat: high levels of task repetition

There is no reason not to follow your dream. Deliberate practice can open the door to a world of possibilities that you may have been convinced were out of reach. Open that door.” K. Anders Ericsson



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